Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Why visit again in Pagadian..Its more FUN in Pagadian

Pagadian City is an up and coming metropolitan city of Zamboanga Peninsula, it is next door to Ipil-Sibugay, Zamboanga City, Ozamis City, Iligan City, Cagayan De Oro City, Marawi City and others. I named these few cities as mentioned  are the most frequented city i visited each time i goes home, ( my first home where i come from where i am born ). Recently with the dynamic rise to stardom of Pagadian thanks to the current administrators are astounding! Gone are the time when the roads mostly built on asphalts and muddy tarmacs.. the  internet technology brought people closer to the outside world for advancing knowledge in all areas of life the rise of  building such as Gaisano, C3 shopping as Robinson and probably many other Malls after here, the changed atmosphere in regards to peoples taste in foreign and local delicacy friends cannot get enough of the real un-touched  beauty it offers to the foreign eye its now becoming hooked to come back to pagadian for these, so colourful the fruits are noted to be in best tastes so proudly organic and locally produce this time Pagadian City have enejoyed its new beginning climbing heights with aspirations that may produce good and joyous report in future generations and also attained and meet the cultural bias of its past but never lost generation! It must have been a hardwork improving such unknown city of Mindanao that now have come to become one of the most spoken word best in many things ...people loves to party the pasalamat festival gains momentum all the people in all municipalities have showed their skills in promoting the local culture witnessed by our foreign travellers revelling its cultural skills enhancing tradition it was so awesome to see these things been going on in Pagadian City and as the International visitors from international community have said ..they will definitely would love to come back to Pagadian City not just only to perform for its citizen for a good cause but also to get acquainted by its people, their beauty their cultural food so organic, tastes of fresh fruits and vegetables locally grown and specially wow fresh catch fishes and all the beautiful scenarios still embedded gracefully in  sorrounding natures all those beauty so sublime may will be a beauty to offer why People everywhere  must come and visit Pagadian City ...Its more fun in Pagadian!!! thats for sure!!! watch out!!! FUN In Pagadian!!!

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